Influencer Program

Everyone travels differently, and We’d love for you to share your own unique travel experiences with us. Be it in the form of a blog, video or even a collection of pictures from your recent adventures, we’re open to collaborating with bloggers, YouTubers and photographers to inspire other like-minded travellers with trip itineraries and travel content.


Who are we looking for?

At TMB, we look for partners who enjoy our trips.

Are you a travel blogger, vlogger, photographer or videographer? In what is possibly the best job ever, we’re looking for travelers to partake in special travel experiences and activities all over the world and to share your travel moments first hand. What we are really looking for is a real following of more than 30,000 on your instagram or Facebook account. Enjoy our tour and let your friends know about us.

What’s more, it’s completely free!

Interested? Drop us an email at We are happy to have a chat with you.



The cheapest price is not always the best

Being avid travellers ourselves, we know that nothing could be worse than having a bad travel experience. Thus, it is the experience that matters most than the actual cost incurred as we could earn it back once we return to our jobs.

We understand that holidays are times when folks want to rest, relax and unwind. So, we make your holiday experience stress-free by taking care of all your travel needs and ensuring that your experience is an enjoyable one.  We do this by offering different packages of varying comfort level i.e. hotel stay or homestay accommodation and being as comprehensive as possible so that there will be no shock and surprises when you are on the tour.

We also work to ensure this through training our guides , improving our process and making sure that we are the true experts in the area that we are bringing you to.

With that being said, we also aim to keep the price competitive so that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket while enjoying your holiday. Word of mouth recommendation is what we are after. =)

See you on our tours!

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