Best Dining Places In Malang, Indonesia

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Eating is considered a national pastime here in Malang and the second largest city in Java offers its visitors a range of delicious culinary treats, local specialities and unique takes on some of Indonesia’s traditional meals. The food in Malang has Chinese influences as well as a slight Indian influence, making the local food a tasty fusion of spicy, notable flavours including sweeter dishes as a result of Java’s heavy-handed use of gula jawa (palm sugar).

1. Paddy City Resort


For a calm and unique dining experience, Paddy City Resort is all about enjoying the natural environment in a typical Indonesian village. Paddy fields, wooden houses, and the smell of freshness are three elements that make this resort memorable. With tables placed literally in the middle of the rice fields, you can be intimately close to nature. Listen to the sounds of the nearby river while you enjoy local drinks such as Wedang Jahe, a warm traditional ginger drink.

You will only find traditional local dishes here – Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), meat specialties like Krengseng Sapi (Beef), Sup Iga Sapi (Beef Ribs Soup), or Ayam Rica-Rica (Spicy Chicken). To fully experience the countryside life in Malang, you can even rent rooms in cottages near the villagers’ homes. You will be living in the village itself, where you can watch your neighbours go about their daily activities such as farming or harvesting.

In this environment tucked in nature, serenity and tradition, you’ll be able to bring home very special and unforgettable memories!

Address: Tatasurya Housing, Regulus Str., Nr. 9, Tlogomas, Malang

Operational Hours: 08.00 – 22.00

Prices: starts from Rp.20,000 (approximately USD $1.50)

2. Taman Indie


They have location with a very good atmosphere, suitable for lunch or dinner. They have a few pieces menu book written in english. If you got the one written in Indonesian and you don’t understand, try to ask the English menu, as the waiter mainly cannot speak english. They have enough range of indonesian food which won’t be very strange for westerner and a few western food .

If you really don’t know what to eat satay is a safe choose which is not so strange for most of my western guest. If you want to try Indonesian food, one of the recommendations would be “sup buntut goreng” (fried ox tail soup). Nice drink is “Jeruk kelapa muda” (young coconut with orange).

Dining at Taman Indie will take you to the lovely Javanese hometown you never had. You can feast on the scrumptious traditional dishes in one of the gazebos near the rice field, or opt for the traditional Javanese house surrounded by delightful gardens with a soothing sound of the gushing river in the background. The restaurant offers all-round traditional dishes, from main courses to snacks and beverages.

3. Toko Oen


This restaurant is arguably a significant historical and cultural spot, first established in 1930 it quickly became popular among the Dutch socialites during the colonial era. Decades after independence, this restaurant still stands as an icon constantly renewing tourists’ devotion with its delicious ice cream and authentic European food.

The building remains a humble colonial-style old house with an intimate and dignified atmosphere. The ayam mentega was good and recommend everyone to order it! It was around IDR 40-50k and royal butter.

Address: 5 Jalan Jenderal Basuki Rahmat, Jawa Timur, 65119, Indonesia

Phone: +62341364052

4. The Clubhouse Restaurant & Lounge


Located right outside the city in Kota Batu, The Clubhouse Restaurant and Lounge boasts of a stunning view of the Malang cityscape from the mountains. From the slope of Mount Panderman, you can witness the sparkling lights of Malang and Batu from the top. Prepare to be surprised by how low the temperatures can be at this altitude. Bring warm clothes and order hot drinks! You can also try out their local and international dishes. If you are travelling with your partner, we recommend the romantic dinner package – why not spoil yourselves and rekindle your romance with the stunning view?

Address: Jambuluwuk Resto Batu, Trunojoyo Str. Nr. 99, Songgokerto, Batu Subdistrict, Batu City, East Jawa 

Operational Hours: 08.00 – 22.00

Prices: Food starts from Rp.50,000, (approximately USD $3.75), drinks start from Rp.40,000 (approximately USD $3)

5. Sekartaji Restaurant


Keen to try a special dining experience while enjoying a grandiose view of the mountain? At Sekartaji Restaurant in Purnama Hotel Batu, you’ll have your expectations met. If you love (or miss) European dishes, you will be served signature Western food with an Indonesian set-up. Asian cuisine is available too.

This fusion of the West and East will offer you a once-in-a-life experience. But what’s best is its barbeque! What can be more enjoyable than a barbeque on a terrace facing the mountains? Sekartaji restaurant is a great place to enjoy the natural beauty of Batu and Malang from the mountainous slopes of Panderman.

Address: Raya Selecta Str. 1-15 Kota Batu, East Jawa

Operational hours: 06.00 – 22.00

Prices: From Rp.25,000 (approximately USD $1.87)

6. Street food and markets


Those seeking to get their fill without breaking the bank will be relieved to know that food in Malang is generally inexpensive, very easy to locate and mostly hearty and nutritious. For those wanting to penny-save even further, we’d suggest eating the local food, dining at the bustling warungs rather than Western restaurants, and eating at food stalls at many of the markets on offer.

The most popular night market in the city is hands-down, Jalan Merdeka, which is open on Saturdays and boasts an assortment of food, snacks and beverages for all to sample. The energy is lively, vibrant and provides a great opportunity to see the local culture of Malang up close.

Another famous market is Jalan Agus Salim, where you’ll find many of Malang’s unique dishes cooked to perfection; and Pasar Oro Oro Dowo, which is another cheap fresh market in the city selling delicious fruits, veggies, ready made snacks and a variety of household items.

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