Booking A Life Changing Mount Bromo Tour in 2023: Everything You Need To Know!

Planning on visiting Mount Bromo?


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Then this is the place you need to be!

Below we’ll be discussing everything you will need to know about Mount Bromo, also known as Gunung Bromo, how to get there and experience all there is to offer at this volcanic wonder in Indonesia.

Join us on a Mount Bromo tour to visit not only Mount Bromo volcano and view the spectacular Bromo sunrise, but also explore other places nearby, such as Mount Ijen!

Ah, the Mount Bromo sunrise is truly magnificent, a contender for one of the best sunrises there are.

A truly magnificent place to see, and as you clicked on this link, I believe that you are deciding whether or not to come and see, is it worth your time and money to join the Bromo tour. Now, before we begin you must be asking,

What is Mount Bromo?

tour mount bromo

A popular tourist destination, Mt Bromo Volcano is an active volcano situated in East Java, Indonesia, within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Rising to 2,329 meters above sea level, its iconic silhouette is set against a vast plain known as the “Sea of Sand,” surrounded by other majestic mountains, including Mount Semeru.

Renowned for its surreal and picturesque landscapes, Mt Bromo attracts tourists seeking the awe-inspiring experience of watching the sunrise from nearby viewpoints like Mount Penanjakan, where tourist must take a bus from Probolinggo.

But if you are looking for an alternative route, this article will help guide you with pictures and a detailed description of each step in the process for you to have an amazing trip.

Here’s a fun fact! Another mountain bearing a resemblance to Mount Bromo is Mount Batok. Often misidentified as the nearby Mt Bromo, Mount Batok, an inactive volcano, is located west of Mt Bromo in East Java, Indonesia and is also part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

Other than Mount Batok and Mount Bromo, there are other volcanoes in the Tengger Caldera such as Mount Kursi, Mount Watangan and Mount Widodaren, though all inactive except for Mount Bromo.

If you’re interested, check out some of the tour packages organised by various tour companies to head down to the volcano.

Visiting the Mount Bromo Crater


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The crater spans approximately 800 metres from north to south and about 610 metres from east to west. Upon reaching the peak of the Mount Bromo crater, visitors are treated to an awe-inspiring view of the volcanic mountain up close.

Carrying a camera becomes particularly useful in capturing the breathtaking expanse of the sea of sand and other picturesque panoramas.

Seize the chance to witness Kesodo, a captivating traditional festival during your Bromo tour, as detailed in the following paragraphs.

Bromo’s Enchanting Cultural Celebrations

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Mount Bromo is culturally significant as well, inhabited by the Tengger people. This volcano offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and adventurous exploration. Yadnya Kasada, or more popularly known as Kesodo, is an age-old ritual ceremony for the Tenggerese, an indigenous community who lives on the slopes of Mount Bromo.

It is a festival held on the 14th of Kasada month in the traditional Hindu lunar calendar. It also involves traditional arts and performance by the Tengger people, such as Kidung Tengger dance performance and poetry reading.

This festival has attracted both domestic and international tourists to take part and witness this unique, annual tradition. Worshippers trekked to the edges of the Bromo crater in hopes of pleasing the Hindu gods, as well as bringing prosperity, good fortune and health to the Tenggerese community. 

Picture taken from Taipei times. Ritual performed during Kasada Yadnya ceremony


Now, let’s embark on a captivating exploration as we unveil the wonders within the Mount Bromo tour journey.

Navigating the journey to Mount Bromo

Embarking on a Bromo tour in East Java unveils a distinctive adventure, tailored to your origin point. But if you’re going on a Bromo tour, you’ll be taken on an unforgettable experience that’s made customised just for you!


Numerous tours depart from Surabaya, Malang, and Yogyakarta airports or cities, offering a variety of packages. Depending on your chosen tour, be it a private tour or a shared tour, you can enjoy comprehensive services, including pick-up and drop-off, accommodation, meals, entry passes, jeep transportation, and guided sightseeing.

Getting To Mount Bromo From Malang


Close up of a temple located in Malang

This will be incredibly easy as a local guide can pick you in the morning and it will only take about 1.5 hours to get to Bromo, so you’ll have lots of spare time. But it’s good to get a spot early, and also grab some drinks around the fire in the morning.


Getting To Mount Bromo From Yogyakarta

tour mount bromo

If you decide to get to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta, you will not be able to do a sunrise tour in the same day as the the journey from Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo can be time consuming. However, you can arrive the night before you choose to go on the sunrise tour!

Getting To Mount Bromo From Surabaya

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Mount Bromo is a 4 hours drive from Surabaya, which means that if you want to go for the Mount Bromo Sunrise tour, you’ll have to leave late the night before as well.

Getting To Mount Bromo From Probolinggo

This region is the most proximate to Mount Bromo, making it an ideal starting point if you opt for a self-guided tour. The journey from here to the park takes approximately 1.5 hours by car. Nevertheless, exercise caution regarding the sandy terrain, and be prepared for the possibility of having to maneuver your bike on foot.

We’ve observed several individuals navigating this challenge, and it’s worth noting that it could potentially extend the duration of your trip.

Is going to Mount Bromo without a tour worth it?


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This is the big question, should you do a Mt Bromo tour or just do it yourself? 

While I know that some of you may enjoy having the freedom when travelling around without a tour, which may be restricted by tours, visiting Bromo with a specialised tour guide would make your life much easier.

To begin your visit, one must travel to Mount Bromo first, where you will have to travel through the “ Sea of Sand” when it is pitch black and barely anything can be seen. With no directions on where to go or purely relying on google maps, there may be a disaster lurking around the corner!

tour mount bromo


Furthermore, there is a reason why only certain types of jeeps are allowed into the park. Now without a tour imagine using a moped to traverse the sand, think of how the moped will skid, get stuck or even just break down in the middle of the journey just to reach mount Bromo. It is highly dangerous to visit Mount Bromo without a tour.

Though if you are confident and daring enough to put your life on the line, by all means take a moped. When we drove by with our Jeep which was a private car, we saw some unfortunate people who had to “walk” their mopeds all the way to visit Mount Bromo as they kept getting stuck.

tour mount bromo

Which is why taking our package, the jeep would be provided, aiding you with a much smoother travel to Mount Bromo. 

Further proving why it would be more worth doing a tour. There is always the option of having a private tour if you are uncomfortable with strangers. However, it may cost a bit more.

Other benefits of doing a Bromo tour with tour companies is that your tour guide will know something about the area, can take cool pictures for you, and even take you to some secret photo spots.

tour mount bromo


Some tour guides LOVE taking travel photos so it might even feel like having a photographer with you throughout the day, which is awesome!

Therefore you should definitely visit Mount Bromo volcano, whether is be on a day tour or the sunrise tour, it is truly an experience not worth missing out on!

Discover the Unforgettable Destinations of Your Mount Bromo Expedition!


tour mount bromo


This comprehensive guide equips you with all the essential information to fully immerse yourself in the Mount Bromo experience.

Delve into the ascent of King Kong Hill and the mesmerising sunrise viewpoints, navigate the descent into the ethereal Sea of Sand, and conquer the trek to the awe-inspiring Mount Bromo crater and the volcano.

King Kong Hill

The ascent to King Kong Hill is a vantage point that unveils unparalleled panoramas of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, showcasing its diverse array of volcanoes and landscapes in all their majestic splendour.

You will get the best viewpoints of the Bromo Tengger Semeru Park and its various volcanoes and landscapes. Now that you are at the top of King Kong Hill, be sure to soak in, and enjoy one of the best sunrises in the world – Mount Bromo sunrise.

Sea of Sand


Picture taken from Dolanesia

Continuing the Bromo adventure, the next highlight is the Sea of Sand. Descend into the crater and traverse the expanse of the Sea of Sand—opt for a jeep or a thrilling motorbike ride. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, the journey on foot takes around 45 minutes to reach the base of Mount Bromo.

The desert-like terrain surrounding Mount Bromo promises an adventurous experience. Given the challenging landscape, Jeeps emerge as the ideal vehicles for navigating this region.

Seize the opportunity for an exhilarating off-road jeep adventure across the Sea of Sands—many operators are available to organize this thrilling tour. Prepare for a sensational ride and immerse yourself in the unique beauty of the landscape

For a different perspective, consider exploring the Sea of Sands on horseback. Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced rider, the horses are typically led by their owners.

Amidst the serene surroundings, far from the noise of modern life, riding a horse becomes one of the most tranquil ways to connect with nature.

It’s essential to note that as you descend into the Sea of Sand, you’ll enter the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, where an entrance fee applies (217,500 IDR / $15 USD on weekdays and 317,500 IDR / $23 USD on weekends).

Mount Bromo Volcano

Solo traveler standing on a Red Jeep in Mount Bromo

Traversing the Sea of Sand, you can make your way towards the Bromo crater at Mount Bromo, immersing yourself in the magnificent mountain landscape with volcanoes inside.

What’s truly unique about Bromo is the opportunity to stroll around parts of the crater rim. The Mount Bromo entrance fee for tourists is IDR 34,000 / $2.19 USD.

Madakaripura Waterfall


Picture Taken from Journey Era


Embarking on an exhilarating journey beyond the enchanting landscapes of Mount Bromo, now prepare yourself to be captivated by the breathtaking allure of Madakaripura Waterfall for an entrance fee and motorbike ride of IDR 200,000/pax.

Surrounded by terrifically high walls, the waterfall flows down into a mystical natural chamber. Inside the chamber, sunlight shines through onto the lush green damp moss on the rocky walls creating an incredible natural ecosystem.

Once you arrive at the Waterfall’s entrance, the walk begins. The walk will take you through the most beautiful walled jungle coverings. The most stunning plants and fauna covering high mountain edges.

How Much Does A Bromo Tour Cost?

It will depend on the duration of how long your visit to Mount Bromo and the type of tour you are planning to go on.

If you do decide that you want to go for a private tour with a tour package, it may range from SGD99-SGD399, but please do check out our website to find out more!

However, if you do plan to go without a tour, the entrance fees is 217,500 IDR / $15 USD on weekdays and 317,500 IDR / $23 USD on weekends

Should You Do A Bromo Sunrise Tour?


tour mount bromo


Is visiting the Mount Bromo sunrise truly worth it? Yes, definitely yes and absolutely yes. Even if Mt Bromo looks good at any time of the day, the sunrise tour would unlock new and surreal sights from Mount Bromo.

If you ever decide not to go for the Bromo sunrise tour, please still do visit Mount Bromo, it would be an experience you will regret missing out on!

Where Are The Best Sunrise Viewpoints of Mount Bromo? 

Picture take from Bromo Java Travel


The Mount Bromo sunrise hike is a magical experience.

When you go on a Mt Bromo tour with a group, you would assume there is a set destination for your sunrise point.

Opting for a private and organized tour with a travel agent provides the flexibility to choose your preferred timing. We’ll seamlessly accommodate it, ensuring you witness the most spectacular Mount Bromo sunrise at your convenience.

King Kong Hill

King Kong Hill is one of the best sunrise viewpoints, based on how busy that day is, and whilst Kong Hill is super busy, all you need to do is climb the sand hill a little and you’ll find spots with less people so you can enjoy your sunrise views in peace.

Mount Penanjakan

Another sunrise spot at mt Bromo would be Penanjakan, the most popular spot for tourist to view the sunrise and the highest viewpoint of Mount Bromo.

It is said to be the best sunrise viewpoint of Mount Bromo. It will also provide a panoramic view of Mount Bromo and the sunrise.

Bukit Cinta (Love Hill)

Bukit Cinta also known as the Love Hill, provides a different angle of the sunrise viewpoint and the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It would be much less crowded than Mt penanjakan but still will provide flawless and beautiful views of the Bromo sunrise.

Furthermore, no matter the spot you decide to go, you will be able to see and experience a beautiful phenomenon of the sun rising at Mount Bromo.

Where Is The Nearest City To Mount Bromo? 


tour mount bromo


To arrive at Mount Bromo in East Java, Surabaya, Malang, and Yogyakarta serve as common entry points. Surabaya, being the nearest major city with international flights, allows easy access to Mount Bromo with direct flights via Juanda International Airport. 

What is there to do in Probolinggo?

Probolinggo, the nearest city to Mount Bromo in Java Island, is a transfer point to Cemoro Lawang, the closest village to Bromo, situated approximately 45 kilometres away. Public buses or jeep hires are available options for this leg of the journey.

The quickest route from Surabaya to Probolinggo is by taxi, which takes 1 hour and 14 minutes, costing $40 – $5. Alternatively, you can opt for a train, which takes 1 hour and 47 minutes, costing $5 – $24.

Pekalen River Rafting

tour mount bromo

Tourists can enjoy a thrilling experience of rafting through the beautiful Pekalen River. Hop on your boat and keep on rowing or kayaking down the stream. Let yourself be soaked by the refreshing water.

You don’t have to worry about your safety as you will be fully equipped with a set of safety equipment, including a life jacket and a helmet. Head down to enjoy a challenging activity like rafting!

Gili Ketapang Island

Gili Ketapang is an island in the North Sea of Probolinggo. It has a beautiful scenery and there are many sands in the east and south of this, unpolluted and bluish. There are many kinds of colourful corals. It is about 5 miles from Ujung Tembaga port and takes 30 minutes by boat. 

Tiris Village Hot Spring

The Spring Water sources is still natural and is located on the banks of the river in Tiris sub-district, Probolinggo Regency.  The hot water can nourish the body and can eliminate various diseases by bathing for at least 30 minutes.

After bathing, you can rinse yourself in the bathroom that has been provided because this hot water contains sulphur

What is there to do in Malang?

Malang is a another City near Bromo which contains many sightseeing attractions which cannot all be packed into one day, therefore if you do want to enjoy and experience all that Malang can offer consider extending your stay for a few days to make the most of it.

The quickest route from Surabaya to Malang is by taxi, which would take around an 1 hour and 10 minutes, costing SGD35-50. Alternatively, you can opt for a train or bus, which would take around an 1 hour and 55 minutes, costing $5 – $24.

Now, I will be showing you my Top 3 attractions I would definitely go see whenever I am in Malang.

The Rainbow village of Jodipan

Close up of the Rainbow Village in Malang Area

I believe it is a must do if you ever go to Malang. Originally a slum in Indonesia, several university students came up with the idea to colour the houses in different colours to attract tourists, to then earn some money for the town.

In the end it worked out, as many travelled to Malang every year just to see this attraction. 

The Blue Village

Close up of the blue village located in Malang

Right next to the Rainbow Village, the Blue village is like a miniature version of the Blue village in Morocco. It is much quieter and tranquil than the Rainbow village. Hence, serving as a relaxing walk 

The Batu Flower Garden

The flower garden is relaxing, beautiful and in general a great time. There are a million and one places to take pictures and enjoy the scenery.

However, the main attraction of the Batu Flower Garden would be its secret waterfall, though there might be quite a journey there, rest assured it would be totally worth it. 

Wideshot of Tumpak Sewu Waterfall located near Mount Bromo



How Long Does It Take To Climb Mount Bromo?


tour mount bromo


Even though Mount Bromo is a volcano and is located pretty high, you are not required to climb it. You are already way up high, so the mount Bromo hike to the viewpoint would not take more than an hour, it could even be less depending on how fit you are.

The ascend is fairly easy with barely any challenges, but the sand may create some difficulty. If you know how sand is already, you would understand that it would be hard getting a grip in sand and it would even shift around even due to the slightest pressure. Therefore the time taken for you to reach your destination may increase.


Furthermore, on the way up to the highest peak, it would be awfully picturesque and thrilling at the same time. As you’ll be traversing along the Bromo crater, and as Mount Bromo is an active volcano, there would be Sulphur in the crater.

It would definitely be a great sight to see, but do not lean too much as there is NO barrier or any safety railing to protect you after a certain point. You need to be super careful of strong gusts of wind and when you walk past other people.

Additionally, you could also pay for a Horse/Pony ride up the crater if your legs are tired or if you fancy a horse/pony ride. It would only cost about IDR 150,000/Pax for a round trip which may be worth it. It may be a core memory for you and/or your family.

Is It Safe To Visit Mount Bromo? 


tour mount bromo


Certainly, being an active volcano, you might wonder about the potential for eruptions at the crater vent. The national park diligently monitors the volcanic activity, and if it reaches a level deemed unsafe, visitation is restricted.

It’s important to note that Mount Bromo typically exhibits irregular eruptions, spewing volcanic ash and sand rather than rocks and hot lava. Despite these occasional eruptions, the overall safety of visiting is maintained.

Rest assured, the monitoring systems are in place to ensure your safety, and unless there are significant concerns, visiting Mount Bromo remains a safe and awe-inspiring experience.

Moreover, we have received numerous great reviews from those who had visited Bromo, so fret not and book your upcoming trip to Java Island in Indonesia, complete with a day tour to Mount Bromo now!

If you are still worried or anxious about your safety,


Picture taken from Vulkane.net


For those who may still be concerned about the safety risks due to the high volcanic activity at Mt Bromo, you may consider visiting Mount Argopuro, located in Situbondo, East Java.

With an elevation of 3,088 metres, the Argopuro mountain offers the longest and most isolated trek in East Java, a 40km trail beginning at the tobacco farming village of Baderan.

On this breathtaking adventure you will hike through savanna, crater, lake, jungle and hills, inhabited by wild pigs, deer, peacocks, wild chicken and monkeys.

Take a hike towards serenity, explore the exotic wilderness of remote East Java, and smell the volcanic Sulphur as you summit.

What Do You Wear To Mount Bromo?

Group travellers taking a picture in front of Mount Ijen Crater, satisfied with their Mt Bromo Tour packages

Warm clothes! During the dry season, you will definitely need warm clothes as it will be very cold before the sun rises, especially for those who plan to stay overnight. It may feel weird that you need to pack winter clothes when travelling to a tropical country like Indonesia.

Well, don’t fret! You are able to rent thick winter coats and hats up there for only 30,000 IDR each! Only a small price to pay for more space in your luggage for Indonesian goodies.

Why is it important to bring warm clothes?

If you are thinking, “How cold could it be, maybe I don’t need to bring warm clothes?” You would be deeply mistaken. Your experience could be ruined if you do not try to stay warm. As you would not be able to fully enjoy the sunrise if you are busy worrying about being too cold.

What if warm clothes are not enough?

For those who would still feel cold even with the added layers, you will be glad that coffee and tea can be purchased up there for 5,000 IDR to keep you warm.

Therefore allowing you to have a more enjoyable viewing experience, where you would be able to fully focus on the beautiful sunrise at Mount Bromo.

What are other things that is needed to be worn?

A good pair of shoes are important too. As you will be trekking on sand, you will need a pair of shoes with good grip and stability, so slipping and falling would not be your main concern.

Bromo Tours: Booking Online 

If you prefer to visit Mount Bromo and have your trip organised ahead of time, a tour to visit Bromo is optimal. Then there are a few online tours to select from that we provide. If you have decided that you will be coming to Surabaya, then this tour combines Bromo and Ijen Crater into a 3 day tour. 

Furthermore, we provide a larger selection of Mount Bromo tours and other tours for other places in Indonesia, all in our website here.

When is the perfect time to visit Eastern Java?

Wideshot of Mount Bromo taken at daytime

If you are wondering when is the best time of the year to visit the island of Java, it is during the dry season which spans from May to September, with days that are hot, dry and sunny.

These months are also an ideal time to travel if you are planning to climb and trek the mountains of Bromo or Mount Ijen.

Visiting the Bromo sunrise would be the most optimal time period during this dry season.

The rainy season in Java runs from November to March, which is not recommended to visit attractions such as Madakaripura Waterfall and the mountains.

Though East Java experiences less rain than the western regions, days with regular, intense rain showers that tend to last for a couple of hours are common occurrences.

In addition, temperatures are consistently warmer all year round, with average daily temperatures fluctuating from 28°C to 30°C, although temperatures are usually lower in the higher mountainous regions such as Mt Bromo and Ijen, especially at night.

What is Mount Ijen?

Mount Ijen, situated in East Java, Indonesia, is one of the many active volcanoes found in Indonesia. A captivating volcano, it is renowned for its remarkable turquoise acidic crater lake, one of the world’s largest.

Close up of Mount Ijen Crater, taken during the Mt Bromo tour in the day time

The lake’s unique feature is the ethereal blue flames that illuminate the night sky, caused by the combustion of sulfuric gases.A popular destination for trekkers and tourists, the volcano is also known for sulfur mining operations, where local miners extract sulfur amid a challenging landscape.

Picture taken from Bali Cheap Car


The trek to the rim of the crater at Mount Ijen offers breathtaking views of the surreal lake, and the lush green surroundings, creating an unforgettable and otherworldly experience for those who visit Mount Ijen.

700 metres wide, the turquoise crater lake at Mount Ijen is photogenic and the best time to take pictures is just before sunset or a few hours after the sun rises, with the sun hitting and lighting up the turquoise colour of the lake. The time you spent waiting after the sun rises will be worth it as the view is unreal and very rewarding.

tour mount bromo


Mount Ijen, the biggest acid lake in the world, the Sulphur cloud inside the Mt Ijen crater can be rather overwhelming, and the wind may blow it in your direction anytime.

With all that said, Mount Ijen still has a pretty good safety record overall and  is still welcomed by hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

Packing List to Visit Mount Bromo

Just a list of a few items to remember to bring with you when you visit Bromo:

  • A good camera
  • A tripod if you want to film a timelapse or videos
  • A Coat
  • A Hat/scarf
  • Money for hot drinks, food and etc.
  • Water
  • Warm clothes
  • Decent shoes you can walk in sand with and don’t mind getting covered in sand
  • A smile
  • A good mood/attitude

So there you have it, our guide on everything you need to know about the Bromo tour in East Java, Indonesia.

We hope you’ve found this most useful and hopefully we’ve answered most of the questions you are wondering, but if not, just drop a text on WhatsApp and we’d be happy to help. Embark on your journey to visit Mount Bromo next!




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