Booking A Mount Bromo Tour in 2022: 10 Things You Need To Know Now!

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Planning on going on a trip to Mount Bromo?

Below we’ll be discussing everything you will need to know about Bromo/How to get there and have an amazing time!

tour mount bromo
Ah, Bromo. The sunrise view here was the most epic one yet!

Before we start on our how to’s

First things first …

What is Mount Bromo?

The breathtaking Mount Bromo is located in the East Java province of Indonesia. With a height of 2440 meters and an active volcano, it’s no wonder that this natural wonder is one of East Java’s top tourist destinations. The mountain has been around for about 400 thousand years, but its beauty never fades. The traditional way to go to Mount Bromo is by taking a bus from Probolinggo, but if you are looking for an alternative route, this article will help guide you with pictures and a detailed description of each step in the process for you to have a more vivid idea of what it would take to go through with such an adventure.

Now let’s dive right in!

How Do You Get To Mount Bromo with a tour?

Well this can be divided into a variety of sections depending on where you are coming from. But if you’re going on a Bromo tour, you’ll be taken on a custom keep that’s made for the conditions!

Getting to Mount Bromo from Malang

This will be super easy as a tour guide will picked you in the morning and it will only take about 1.5 hours to get to Bromo, so you’ll have lots of spare time, but it’s good to get a spot early, and also grab some drinks around the fire at night.

Getting to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta

If you decide to get to Mount bromo from Yogyakarta, you will not be able to do a sunrise tour in the same day as the the journey from Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo is very long. However, you can arrive the night before you choose to go on the sunrise tour!

Getting to Mount Bromo from surabaya

Mount Bromo is 4 hours’ drive from Surabaya, which means that if you want to go for a sunrise tour, you’ll have to leave late the night before as well.

getting to mount bromo from Probolinggo

This is the closest area to Mount Bromo so if you decide to DIY your tour instead this would be the best route as it’s about a 1.5 hour drive to the park from here. But again I warn you about the sand and be wary that you might have to “walk” your bike. We have seen quite a few people doing this and it will eat into your time. 

Should you do a Bromo Tour or DIY it?

This is the big question, should you do a Bromo tour or do it yourself? 

While we understand some of you might like to do most of your travel activities yourself, doing bromo yourself might not be worth it. Basically when you are getting to Mount Bromo, you drive through a “sand of sea” that’s literally in pitch black and there are no directions to where you need to go. Hence the reason why only certain types of jeeps are allowed in the park. 

Imagine a moped on sand, and think about what it will do, it will get stuck and it will skid. If you’ve never rode a moped before then do NOT, we repeat do NOT ride it for the first time in sand. You will be at risk of coming off which might put you in danger.

But if you’re confident enough to skid and perhaps falls and drive in the dark with no directions, then go ahead. When we drove by with our jeep, (which even got stuck in the sand at one point), we have seen a few people on mopeds “walking” them because they kept getting stuck. 

So, basically, we think it’s worth doing a tour. You do not have to go for a group tour. Opt for a private tour as it might cost you a little more than a group tour.

Other benefits of doing a Bromo tour is that your guide will know something about the area, can take cool pictures for you, and even take you to some secret photo spots. Some guides LOVES taking travel photos so it might even feel like having a photographer with you through out the day, which is awesome!

Where Will You Visit On A Bromo Tour?

You’re first spot will be the sunrise spot from vantage point. You’re second spot will be at the Hill of Love (for you to take pictures), then through the Sea of Sand, you will head to the Bromo Crater. After visiting Mount Bromo, you can also visit the Madakaripura waterfall for an entrance fee and motorbike ride of IDR 200,000/pax.

How much does a bromo tour cost?

It all depends on the duration that you will be staying and the type of tour you are planning to go for. If you decide to go for a private tour, you can visit our website to find out more!

Should you do a bromo sunrise tour?

Yes, yes and yes. Whilst we’re sure it’s nice to visit at other times of the day, you cannot go to Mount Bromo and not do a sunrise tour. It would be one of the biggest regrets ever. 

Where Are The Best Places To Watch The Sunrise On A Bromo Tour? 

tour mount bromo

When you go on a Bromo tour with a group, you would assume there is a set destination for your sunrise spot. However, on a private tour, you can choose your timing and we will accommodate it.

Kong Hill is one of the best spots to see the sunrise, based on how busy that day is, and whilst Kong Hill is super busy, all you need to do is climb the sand hill a little and you’ll find spots with less people so you can enjoy your sunrise moment in peace.

Another sunrise spot at bromo would be Pananjakan.

where Is The Nearest Airport To Mount Bromo? 

tour mount bromo

Malang is the nearest airport to Mount Bromo and it is a pretty cool city to explore with many great surroundings, so if you want to spend a few days there too!

How Long Does It Take To Climb Mount Bromo?

Even though Mount Bromo is located pretty high, you don’t climb on that. You’re already way up high, so the actual climb is around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your fitness level.

It’s a fairly easy climb, but the thing that makes it challenging is the sand. It’s hard to get a grip in sand, so that’s why it can take a little longer getting up. 

When you’re up there, you’ll literally on the edge of a crater that has sulphur down there which would make for an epic drone shot. But, there is NO barrier to protect you after a certain point, so be super careful if you walk past other people and make sure there is no strong wind. 

You can also get Horse/pony ride to bring you up to the crater, which cost about IDR 150,000/pax for round trip.

Is It Safe To Visit Mount Bromo? 

Yes. Of course it’s an active volcano, so you’re probably thinking “what if it erupts?” well the national park monitors the activity of the volcano and if activity is too high etc, then you won’t be allowed to visit. So don’t worry, it’s safe to visit. 

What Do You Wear To Mount Bromo?

Warm clothes! It’s very cold up there before the sun rises. But if you didn’t exactly pack your winter gear on a trip to Indonesia, well you’ll be happy to know that you can rent a thick winter coat and hat up there for 30,000 IDR each!

It would have been such a horrible experience if you were not warm in some way. But you can also stay warm at the little fires they build at all the cafes. 

You can also buy coffee and tea for 5,000 IDR to help you stay warm too.

Bromo Tours: Booking Online 

If you prefer to have your tour organised ahead of time, then there are a few online tours that we provide. If you’re coming from Surabaya, then this tour combines Bromo and Ijen Crater into a 3 day tour. 

Mount Bromo Packing List 

Just a list of a few items to remember to bring with you on your Bromo tour:

  • A good camera
  • A tripod if you want to timelapse
  • Coat
  • Hat/scarf
  • Money for hot drinks and food
  • Water
  • Decent shoes you can walk in sand with and don’t mind getting covered in sand
  • A smile

So there you have it, our guide on everything you need to know about a Bromo sunrise tour. We hope you’ve found this most useful and hopefully we’ve answered most of the questions you are wondering, but if not, just drop a text on WhatsApp and we’d be happy to help.

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