Our Pricing Reasons

We want our customers to always have the best experience. Thus, our tour operators are handpicked and we ourselves have gone on the tours that we sell on our site. We believe that the best doctors has tested their own medicine.

Holiday is a happy period and we had many bad experiences. We always try to strike a balance between price, experience and overall quality of the tour. As with most services, you pay what you get for. However, we believe there is a certain standard that can be accepted by most people. We target the mass market, not the luxury or the really budget travellers. Basically, if you want to get to the destination without the hassle of planning and worrying if it is going to turn out well, just book with us.

With that being said, we are not interested to make too much money from an individual booking. We want to do volume so that we can also help the tour operators who do good work (fair right?) to get more business and we grow together. As with most places in Indonesia, there is a price for 1 person and a different price for 10 people. The reason is economies of scale as most places would need to rent a vehicle to get to as the public transport is not as accessible. There are also other reasons like ticket price, bulk purchase for hotels etc.

Our pricing is regularly updated to ensure that you get the best price available online and at your destination. We also make it a point to display honest pricing through all our deals, including all extra charges and taxes so you’ll never have to worry about additional costs. That is the net net net price.

At the same time, please book quickly with us so as to prevent surprises as prices fluctuate in the travel industry.

Feel free to reach out to us at hello@tourmountbromo.com

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