We Can Tell You Everything About Mount Bromo


Everything you need to know before arriving in spectacular Surabaya.


Where Is Mount Bromo Located And How Does The Landscape Look Like?

Mount Bromo is located within the massive Tengger Caldera in Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park in East Java. The nearest major city serving international flights will be Surabaya, which is about 4-5 hrs drive away. There are 5 volcanoes within the Caldera; Mount Bromo (2,329 m), Mount Batok (2,470 m), Mount Kursi (2,581 m), Mount Watangan (2,661 m), and Mount Widodaren (2,650 m).


When Is The Best Time To Visit Mount Bromo? Can I Visit During The Festivals?

In terms of weather, the best time to visit Mount Bromo is during the dry season from March to November. Incidence of rain is higher during the wet season from December to February and the national park is open to visitors during this period. However, the climate is generally tropical,. It therefore really depends on luck because it may even rain in the dry season or it may be sunny in the wet season when you are there for 1-3 days. You will always be allowed to travel there, even during festivals.


Which Kind Of Accommodations Do We Provide?

We will provide three classes of accommodations for customers to choose – budget, standard and luxury. These options with prices will be provided upon trip enquiry. It is also possible for customers to book their own accommodations. We would recommend at least the standard (Hotel stay) and above if possible and budget allows. Also, the higher end accomodation will adopt safe practices for COVID19.


How Difficult Is The Trek?

Most of the trek is on relatively flat and sandy ground except for the flight of stairs from Mt Bromo base to its top. It is a relatively easy trek more akin to Mac Ritchie trail walking than to Mount Ophir (Steep slope) trekking. It is definitely suitable for beginners. Would be okay for elderly below the age of 70 as well as children from the age of 3 and above. For customers thinking of going to Ijen, it will be a tougher hike of 2-3 hours, it will only be suitable for customers aged between 12-65 years old.

If you have young travellers or senior citizens, check out our Family tours.


What Kind Of Vehicles Do We Use For Tour?

For travel between cities and towns, the following vehicles with ample space for luggages are used:
1-3 Pax Group – Toyota Avanza 5 Seater
4-5 Pax Group – Toyota Innova 7 Seater
6-9 Pax Group – Isuzu Long ELP 11 Seater
13-25 Pax Group – Usually a combination of 2 x Isuzu ELPs as it is difficult for big buses to travel on narrow mountain roads

For travel to Gunung Penanjakan, Sand Sea and Whispering Savannah, you will switch to a 4WD Jeep.


How Much Money Do I Need During This Trip?

Generally, our tours are all inclusive except for Entrance fess and lunch and dinner during the tour.

For lunch and dinner expense, you can budget it at around 50,000 rupiah/meal or about 5SGD/meal or 4USD/meal. It greatly depends on what you order and where you dine.

As for the entrance fees, we usually state in the tour details or you can pay through us first as a selected option.


What Is Temperature At Mount Bromo?

In the early morning or before sunrise, temperature in Mount Bromo can be as low as 10 to 15 Degrees Celsius. Temperature in the late morning and noon time will be around 20-30 Degrees Celsius.

Just pack a windbreaker or jacket will do. For customers from Europe or colder climates i.e. Canada, it is not cold. That's what most of our customers from this region say anyway.

Lazy to bring? Fret not, just rent from the locals at about 3-5USD/jacket or about 20,000 rupiah/jacket.


Can I Camp At Mount Bromo?

Yes, we can arrange camping for your night stay at Bromo area. But this will incur extra charges and generally we not recommend customers from doing so due to the strong cold winds outdoors.

We did camping trips before and most of the time, we are battling the winds to keep the tents or finding warm shelters for our customers. Only suitable for the adventurous.

Looks good on photos but not exactly fun.

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