Fun Activities To Try In East Java

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Java in Indonesia is a beautiful island filled with locations still undiscovered by tourism. Java is over 20 times larger than Bali. It is fairly easy to get around Java. This would guide you will visit the most impressive waterfalls, the rainbow, and blue village, Mount. Bromo and the Ijen Crater.

Enjoy the Cheerful Colors of Jodipan Village

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Upon the total makeover, every corner of the village got a new, vibrant touch. Every house, every dingy alley, every wall.

Divided by the Brantas River, there are basically two areas. Beyond painted walls, the sky is also “colored” with bright umbrellas that will not only protect you from the tropical heat but will also please the eyes.

Immersing yourself in the gleeful atmosphere of the flashy village will be as easy as walking around and observing your surroundings.And if you think this is just a flashy village with bright paint, wait until you see traditional figures like the Javanese wayang showcased alongside present-day characters like a cartoon Minion.

The unbelievably cheap entrance fee (about $0.5) even includes a locally made souvenir, such as a key chain or other handmade good.Fully embracing this visual era we’re living in, Jodipan transforms previously stern corners into beautiful backdrops for gorgeous pictures.

Watch the Sunset on Red Island

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The red island is one of the tourist attractions located at Pesanggaran Sub-district, Banyuwangi. This island has known because of the little green hill with red sand, which is located on the rim of the beach. Red Island Hill can be visited when the sea of water is receding.

You would definitely shocked by the fantastic view of the sunset on Red Island – how the red sun gradually descending down to reach the sea horizon level and it looks so beautiful as the beach is made up of red sand.

Feel the coolness right beside Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

tour mount bromo

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall (also known as Coban Sewu) is arguably Indonesia’s best waterfall. It isn’t the largest, even in East Java, but is definitely the most impressive. From above it looks like the tree of life, from below it is immensely powerful and from all angles, it is quite simply mindblowing.

It is a great spot for the drone. If you fly directly above you will see that the river bends around the corner after all of the flows down the cliff meet together. It creates what looks like a tree of life symbol. It’s simply incredible viewing from the drone and one of my favorite drone sessions of my life.

Don’t stay too long at the viewpoint otherwise, you may miss the nice lighting inside the canyon at the foot of Tumpak Sewu Waterfall if it is a clear day. You don’t want too much sunlight while you are at the bottom of the falls in the morning because it will be directly above the falls and making your photos very blown out.

Go shopping in Bandung

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The city of Bandung is known on the domestic market as one of the top shopping destinations in Indonesia, although many tourists never make the trip here.

Bandung is conveniently close to Jakarta which means that it is easy to visit, and you will find a huge array of factory outlets selling the latest fashions.

Bandung is also particularly well known for its denim products so if you want a new pair of jeans then there are styles here to suit all kinds of tastes and budgets.

Sunrise at Mount Bromo

tour mount bromo

Once you pay your entrance fees and get into the national park, you soon realize how popular this place is. As you drive up towards King Kong Hill, hundreds of jeeps literally line both sides of the road. 

A) Go to King Kong Hill, which is more or less the highest viewpoint on Penanjakan Hill looking down at Mount Bromo. It is insanely crowded and you might got poked in the eye with a selfie stick. I would avoid this option although I am sure the view is great. We originally planned to go to King Kong Hill and just find our own spot somehow but on the way we stopped as we thought we had made it and it turned out we were one peak too soon, which ended up being perfect. We could see the madness of King Kong Hill to our left as 20 or so of us calmly watched the sunrise over Mount Bromo with no barriers.

B) Therefore, option B is to go almost the whole way to King Kong Hill but stop just before and watch it at a smaller viewpoint. I’ll admit, amidst all the people and parking lots it is hard to find what you want so you kind of just have to get lucky and hope you find a good spot. Once again, leaving early gives you breathing room if you pick a dud viewpoint you can quickly change.

But there are also other viewpoints which you can consider to avoid the crowds.

Enjoy the seaside at Pangandaran

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Pangandaran sits between Jakarta and Yogyakarta as is a city nestled close to the sea, which is perfect if you want some sun and sand.

There is a long strip of beach here and, as you would expect, the fresh seafood is one of the big draws in the area.

If you come here in the evening then you can dine at one of the seaside stalls that sells barbecued fresh fish simply cooked over hot coals and there is also a wider national park here if you want to eschew the beach and go trekking instead.

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Closure of Madakaripura Waterfall

Madakaripura Waterfall is closed as the bridge to the waterfall has collapsed due to heavy rainfall. We anticipate the waterfall to reopen only in April. 
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