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In our line of work, we often get alot of request or advice on which travel package/option should they be selecting. Instead of repeating and asking for advice, I thought would be better it I can list out my recommendations based on my experience in advising the customers who go on such a tour.

For a start, if you are looking for tours on, congratulations! I would assume you have decided to go with a tour instead of planning on your own.

The answer to that question depends on mainly 2 criteria: What type of customers are you and What’s your available budget and time. 


1. Mount Bromo & Mount Ijen Tour – Start with Bromo (3D/2N)

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Advantage: This is recommended because the hotels are comfortable and provide a good place to rest. It is 3D2N so you can cover both mountains in a short time.

Disadvantage: Initially, there will be some resistance because of the higher price as the hotels are expensive in the mountains. However, once they have gone through the tour, majority of them would like the recommendation because it is a more comfortable tour and we use better guides/cars etc. This an ideal tour to explore Mount Bromo and Ijen.

Who Will Like This Package: Generally, Female group of travellers, Families and couple buys this package. Typically, above the age of 25 who are working adults. For families and customers above the age of 50, they would usually do a 4D3N (Add on from the package listed) so that there is a rest day in between the 2 volcanoes hike.


2. Mount Bromo & Mount Ijen Tour – Homestay/Milky Way (3D/2N)


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Advantage: This package is what most operators in the market are offering. It is one of a cost effective way to see the Bromo and Ijen.

Disadvantage: The accommodation is on the poorer side. Even though you are staying only for about 10 hours, it is important because it is time for you to recharge. Generally, homestays are not run by hospitality professionals so sometimes you might find what the pictures you see on the internet are not what it is in reality. This is a top complain. However, just to rest and move on, it is okay. Do not recommend for Female Travellers.

Who Will Like This Package: Generally, from our records, it will be customers below the age of 25 who do not mind and want to experience the local accommodation style that would purchase this package. It is also a very common package for backpackers exploring the region. We do not recommend families or couples or female travellers to purchase this package.


3.Malang & Bromo Tour (3D/2N)


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Advantage: This package is suitable for Families across all age groups. It eliminates Ijen which requires a 2-3 hour upwards hike which is not suitable for older folks. The activities in Malang is also suitable for the family like visiting the night market , going to the Apple Farm etc.

Disadvantage: It is quite short for a 3D2N trip for families but additional time can be spent in Surabaya on your own.

Who Will Like This Package: Generally, from our records, it will be families that purchase this package.


4.Mount Bromo/Ijen & North Bali Tour – Hotel (5D/4N)


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Advantage: This package is over couple of days and ends off in North Bali where you can relax and enjoy the view of Bali after the tiring climb of the mountains.

Disadvantage: It can be quite long in terms of days so not many customers purchase this package by volume.

Who Will Like This Package: Generally, from our records, it will be couples from Europe, America or China etc that are doing a month long vacation in Indonesia or couples who connect to Bali.

5.Malang/Bromo & Ijen Tour (4D/3N)


Source: TMB file picture

Advantage: This package is includes adventure activities like Paragliding and Water Rafting which can be quite interesting for younger crowd.

Disadvantage: It is over 4D3N so generally the customer has to be in Surabaya Area for 4-6 Days which can be a long time.

Who Will Like This Package: Generally, from our records, it will young group of friends about 25-40 years old. We also have alot of families or group of elder friends taking the tour and you can choose to skip the paragliding or the water rafting tours.

We have other tours which are listed and we will expand this reason list as we go along. We are always looking out to include more interesting packages.

By: Team Tour Mount Bromo


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