Why You Should Climb Bromo?

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We have been asked many times on the reasons why Bromo is a good volcano to climb in Indonesia. So here are


1. Easiest Volcano To Climb In South East Asia 


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Advantage: This is one of the easiest volcano to climb in South East Asia. Effectively, all you need to climb is this flight of stairs to the top of the crater. From your hotel to the sea of sand, you will take a 4WD jeep up. Once you are at the sea of sand, all you need to do is to walk up to the start of this flight of stairs. If you are too tired, you can sit a donkey that will carrying you up to the short wall. Then, you will just need to walk 50m to the bottom of the stairs.

We have researched and we can’t find any other volcano in South East Asia that is this easy to climb to the top. You can hike up to Bromo if you don’t take the jeep or donkey so it is really flexible option. Of course there is Ijen so we would suggest that you conserve the energy for the harder volcano if you are the adventurous type.


2. Is Suitable For Everyone In the Family 


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Advantage: Because it is so easy to hike, there is not much requirement for fitness level. Mount Bromo’s altitude is about 2,900m above sea level so high altitude sickness is not really a problem. Thus, you can bring your family along for this trip. It will be good fun and everyone will be able to enjoy the trip.

We have many families going for our trips. They usually head to Malang or Surabaya after that.


3.Many Direct Flights to Surabaya City


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Advantage: Surabaya being the 2nd largest city in Indonesia. Connectivity to the city is often well accessible. Surabaya has about 7-8 direct flights to Singapore (A major airport to connect to the rest of the world) and more than 30 domestic flights to Jakarta (Indonesia’ s capital city). The airport is located in the south of the city and is about 3-4 hours to Mount Bromo by car. It can be done easily either through a midnight trip or a 3D2N/4D3N tour.


So What About Ijen? 


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Ijen, unfortunately, we can’t say the same as Bromo. It takes about 2-3 hours of upwards hiking to get to the top of the crater in Ijen. Again, it depends on the fitness level of the customer but generally we would not recommend for families with old folks in the group. On that note, it is still one of the relatively easier volcanoes to hike compared to Mount Kinabalu or Mount Rinjani. We would still recommend to come here because of the Blue Flames and the amazing view.

“But I really have no fitness….”

Well, there is a wheel barrow service in Ijen where they can carry you up so you don’t have to hike up. Of course, the price of this (approximately 250k rupiah) is excluded from the package and you can pay on the spot.


Hence , what are you waiting for? Just take a look at our tour packages and head over to Bromo and Ijen! We just want our customers to book, pay and go! If there is too much hassle, just talk to Emily on our online chat and she will try her best to solve the problem for you.

By: Team Tour Mount Bromo


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