Mount Bromo Sunrise Join-in Tour – From Malang

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Join-in Public Tour

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No accommodation

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1 - 6 pax




This is our signature Mount Bromo sunrise tour. It is the most common midnight tour from Malang City to see sunrise at Mount Bromo. Suitable for single travellers to join the group tour to visit. Each group is max. 6 pax.

The package includes shared Jeep at Mount Bromo area, Entrance fee for Mount Bromo and tour guide/driver. Pick-up and drop-off is included as well.

The package is available everyday including public holidays, Christmas and Chinese New Year. 

If you are organising for bigger groups over 14 pax, chat with us and we are able to assist you.


Malang - Bromo Sunrise - Malang

  • Pick up from your hotel in Malang City at 12am. 
  • Travel 2–3 hours via a shared 4WD jeep to Mount Bromo.
  • Have a light meal at a nearby coffee shop before hiking.
  • Hike for 10–15 minutes to reach the sunrise viewpoint.
  • Watch the spectacular sunrise (There are 4 other viewpoints nearby. Our guide will bring you to the viewpoint that is less crowded – all have similar views).
  • Return to the 4WD jeep after sunrise and travel 30 minutes to the Sea of Sand.
  • Cross the Sea of Sand to reach the rim of Bromo Crater. You can walk 30–45 minutes or ride on a horse (optional, horse-riding fee is not included).
  • Climb 250 flight of stairs for 10–15 minutes to reach the rim of Bromo Crater.
  • Return to your private Jeep at around 8–9am and travel 2–3 hours back to Malang City.
  • Drop off at your hotel in Malang.

Our tour ends here.

Exact timings and sequence are subjected to changes depending on the conditions of the day. Our guide will discuss with you should there be any changes. However, we do intend to stick to the above itinerary as much as possible.



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The prices are indicated above depending on the number of people.

If you are organising for bigger groups over 15 pax, chat with us and we are able to assist you.

You can book directly online and pay using PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer (including PayNow, PayLah etc).

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Notice of the Eruption of Mount Marapi

In light of the recent Mount Marapi eruption, we hope that the 12 missing hikers will be found safely soon.

For those who are travelling or planning to travel to Yogyakarta, Bali and Surabaya, please note that
Mount Marapi and Mount Merapi are distinct volcanoes located in 2 different parts in Indonesia. The eruption of Mount Marapi will not affect our tours to Mount Merapi, Mount Bromo and Mount Batur.

Your safety is our priority. We will monitor the activities of all the volcanoes in our tour packages. If we receive any warning notice, we will inform our customers promptly. We’ll be happy to assist if you have any queries.

Thank you!
Tour Mount Bromo Team

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