For the Single Travellers

We understand that sometimes due to schedule and commitments, you would like to travel alone. The packages are just catered for Single travellers.

Menjangan Resort

Check out the packages for single travellers

Totally free and easy and is just you for private tours. After you paid us, you literally just need to turn up! We have a female public tour for single females who worry about safety and would like to travel in a group.

What happens next after you book?

We will make all the arrangements

We will send you a confirmation email and you are good to go.

Just turn up for your flight and we are good to go.

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Holiday Type

There are a lot of things to enjoy in Indonesia! You can relax on a hot sunny day at the beach. Discover local culture and traditional dances. Hike great mountains to see the sunrise. Do snorkeling and kayaking.

Choose which one fits your interest best.

*At the moment, we are only doing departures from Singapore Changi Airport but we are expanding to other places around the world soon!




Mountain Hiking

Single Traveller

Beach Holiday


Cultural Sightseeing

Step 2: Select Travel Date and Budget

After selecting your travel type, do let us know the following information:

  • Date you wish to travel (We only take bookings 60 days in advance to give you the best package!)
  • You must be available the whole day for the dates selected. We won’t give midnight flights but it gives us flexibility to plan nicely for you.
  • Your preferred budget — we provide 3 options here: Budget (SGD 549), Comfortable (SGD 749), and Luxurious (SGD 999) (This will determine the flight type, accommodation type etc)
  • Number of pax / how many person will go (we can do groups as well)

Flat lay of business agenda

Step 3: Complete Your Information Details

In Checkout Page, you will be asked to enter these following:

  • Full names of the travelers as per passport
  • Additional notes — say your special requests here
  • You can also mention here what are the places you DONT want to go
  • Other basic travel information


Step 4: Just Relax and Enjoy

Finish the Checkout process and you’re all set! Just wait for us to create the perfect holiday for you.


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