Indonesia: 10 Fun-filled and Educational Bonding Activities for the Whole Family

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Soon, the next school holiday will be upon us and we’ll be wondering how to spend some time with the children.  Instead of merely signing a cheque and leaving the rest to the travel agent for your next family holiday, consider the fun, bonding and education factor in it.  It’s easy to foot the bill, but investing in a little planning will have a big pay off!


For a start, together with the family, research a little about the places you’ll visit and what you expect to see.   Depending on the age of your children, create some pre-trip, mid-trip and post-trip activities for them.  It could be making a country flag or eating out in an ethnic restaurant before the trip, filming a trip video on-location, then wrapping up with a holiday scrapbook.


Indonesia has many beautiful and educational places for families to enjoy.  The rustic charm of Indonesia is the perfect backdrop for your family to bond while on holiday:


1. Apple Farm Visit

Source: TMB file picture

Do your kids think that apples come from the supermarket?  Or maybe off a Styrofoam tray?  You don’t have to fly all the way to Australia to visit apple farms!  Right over in Malang, there are apple farms which your family can visit.  Pluck apples right off the trees and crunch into the juicy freshness right there and then!  It won’t only be your little ones who will be thrilled!


2. Paragliding

Photo credit: NeuPaddy, Pixabay

Amongst all the extreme sports, paragliding holds its own special place – it is simply free flying with the aid of simple-shaped craft parachutes.


You simply have to visit Bali or Malang if you want to see and experience a fantastic and spectacular bird’s eye view while flying. They also has perfect spots for landing, where you will slide smoothly onto terra firma. Once you take a vacation there and experience what it’s like to fly in such a place, you will definitely want to return for more!


Paragliding down from such heights might seem scary at first, but once you gather up the courage, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view.


3. Underwater walk

Source: Bali Seawalker

Kids not confident in the water?  Apprehensive about the open sea?  This unique way to explore the ocean is just the thing for you!  No swimming required; especially for terrestrial beings; just walk on the ocean floor and allow marine life to leisurely swim past you.  The equipment – a breathing helmet connected to oxygen tanks on aboard a boat, allows everyone to enjoy marine life with minimum equipment & minimum fuss!  You can even leave your spectacles on!


4. Cycling tour

Source: Yogyacyclingtours

For the active family seeking adventure, how about a cycling tour?  Going around the area on your ‘iron horse’ will certainly bring you closer to the people of Indonesia.   Avoiding polluted highways, the bicycle trails will bring you where small suburban neighbourhoods offer a maze of tracks that allow you to get a glimpse of local life deep in the villages.  Also, open countryside dirt trials offer picturesque scenes through padi fields and villages, and a chance for an unscheduled visit to handicraft villages around.  Explore Indonesia from a different angle on two wheels!


5. Mesmerising Blue Flames

Source: TMB file picture

The must-see attraction of active volcano, Mount Ijen, is its eerie tongues of blue flames which ripple up the crater walls like reverse waterfalls. This is the spontaneous combustion of subterranean gasses as they seep out into the night air.


Make geography come alive for your family this holiday!  As an interesting and educational by-the-way, coffee plantations cover much of the Ijen caldera floor, and tourists are drawn to its waterfalls, hot springs, and dramatic volcanic scenery.


6. Caving

Source: Flickr

Set your adrenaline pumping and crank up adventure several notches.  Be a spelunker (cave explorer) or speleologist (recreational caver) for a day at Goa Jomblang and re-enact a scene as Indiana Jones or Lara Croft.


Goa Jomblang is a vertical cave, and entry is via rappelling 30 metres down into the dense ancient forest, complete with headlight, helmet and harness!     As sunlight floods into the cave through a hole, visions of teleporting burst into mind.  Capture your selfie moments before the window of opportunity vanishes.  After you’ve caught your breath, explore the cave complex in grand style – trees, bushes and other lush vegetation await.  It’s positively a journey to the centre of the earth experience which you and your family cannot miss!


7. River rafting

Source: songaadventure

Look no further for the thrill of your life.  Prepare to conquer river rapids, not 15 minutes from Borobudur, that are as exciting as they are challenging. This course offers fast, wild rides on some of the country’s most scenic rivers, with options for first-timers, experts, and everyone in between.  We have various options of totally exhilarating rides spanning 7km – 12km.  You’ll learn quickly that sometimes, you just have to let go and go with the flow!  Boost your self-confidence while stretching those muscles with the exhilarating encounter of river rafting.


With well-maintained equipment and experienced local guides, this is an extreme adventure comes complete with bragging rights, so bring your whole family and get your feet wet!


8. Beach snorkelling

Source: gilireservation

If swimming out in the open sea doesn’t give you a sense of security and yet you want your children to try out snorkelling, Indonesia is the place for you.  Numerous beaches on Bali, Gili Islands and Lombok are readily accessible; you only need to hit the seaside, don a mask, a snorkel and flippers, and slip into the water to enjoy beautiful underwater gardens teeming with tropical marine life. Besides being blessed with world-class surf breaks, these islands also have several beaches that feature natural wave barriers, which make for calm waters apt for this activity.


Snorkelling can become a great addition to your holiday beach experience. These snorkelling sites let your family discover a different world; a treasure trove of natural wonders. The islands are part of the world’s famous Coral Triangle, featuring sunken coral gardens filled with swaying anemone and some of the world’s rarest specimens of fish and marine life that you’d only encounter below the archipelagic waves.


9. Borobudur – awesome heritage 

Photo credit: EHIB, Pixabay

Help your children appreciate the value of culture, history and human ingenuity with a visit to the world’s largest Buddhist temple, which dates from the 8th and 9th centuries. It was built in three tiers: a pyramidal base with five concentric square terraces, the trunk of a cone with three circular platforms and, at the top, a monumental stupa. The walls and balustrades are decorated with fine low reliefs, covering a total surface area of 2,500 sq meters. The monument was restored with UNESCO’s help in the 1970s.


Ponder about these amazing facts with your children: the colossal structure was built without the use of cement or mortar, only stone blocks – all the way up to the full height of 35m! And it took 23 years to build without cranes nor other modern machinery.  Go figure!


10. Turtle hatchery

Sukamade beach is about 97 km to southwest of Banyuwangi. It is a natural, quiet, beautiful place and part of the 50,000 hectare Meru Betiri National Park.  Almost every night of the year, turtles appear on Sukamade beach to lay eggs. It is clearly a globally important site and one which is protected 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year by the park rangers.  Who won’t be thrilled to bits to witness this wonder of nature right before their very eyes?


Every family trip is an opportunity to draw closer to our loved ones.  Why not a fun-filled and relaxing vacation to Indonesia for your next family getaway?


By: Team Tour Mount Bromo



Banner photo credit: Kevin Delvecchio, Unsplash

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