Lombok: 37 extraordinary things to do you never knew existed

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Lombok provides a kaleidoscopic experience that is easy to start, difficult to finish but impossible to forget.  Known for its fiery temperament with active volcano Mount Rinjani, do you know it also has a sweet spot for romantic getaways and surreal pink beach?


Here are some of Lombok’s best-kept secrets revealed:

1. On the cliff’s edge at Lingkoq Datu, Pantai Penyisok

You may have to cross a sprawling field and navigate past steep rocks just to get here, but the view from Lingkoq Datu will make you forget all about your physical inconveniences.

Located near Penyisok Beach, Lingkoq Datu is a cliff that overlooks the seemingly endless seaside. As you approach the cliff’s edge (be careful when you do so!), you’ll want to close your eyes and throw your arms out to let the ocean breeze wrap you in a cool embrace.

Photo credit: zoeraa_

Yes, the view here is almost too good to be true, but the sensation of standing on a cliff’s edge with the sun on your skin may just feel like ecstasy brought on by the power of nature.

After your moment of nirvana, head down to Penyisok Beach for a relaxing walk along the soft sands before making your journey back.


2. Marvel at the majestic view of Mount Rinjani: Taman Wisata Pusuk Sembalun

Want to see the majestic view of Mount Rinjani among the dreamy mist and clouds but don’t want to hike?

Photo credit: Adhy_nata

Drive up to Pusuk Sembalun Tourist Park (Taman Wisata Pusuk Sembalun), where you can enjoy gorgeous unparalleled views of the mountain at an altitude of 1,250m above sea level, without much physical activity.

Although the road up is windy, you will be treated to beautiful views of the forest, hills, rice paddies and strawberry gardens along the way. Once you’re up there, you can relax and bask in the beautiful scenery from the gazebos.

If you are bringing some food along to picnic, be sure to keep it away from the sneaky hands of the wild monkeys here!


3. Revisit the Dutch colonial past: 84-year Old Suspension Bridge

Built in 1932, this hanging bridge (100m high) in West Lombok carries its own legacy. For instance, the solid iron used to build it was sourced from Australia, the experts who built it were brought in from Java, and it has been broken twice after being hit by a stream!

In its heyday, it played a pivotal role in connecting the remote areas before the roads came into existence. Today, it is only traversed by bikers and young people hanging out on a lazy evening.

Photo credit: Irsyadrobbani31

Under the bridge flows the river that connects hamlets Kelebut and Nyurlembang. Don’t lose your balance while passing through!


4. Amazing bird’s eye view of Lombok and Rinjani – Bukit Pergasingan

The scenery here is easily one of the most poetic in all of Lombok.  The rice paddy fields lying complementarily beside each other makes the view scintillating.  Here, you can catch a glimpse of a far stretching view of Mount Rinjani, the Almighty.

Photo credit: Eben_m.zain_

Pergasingan Hill is also the alternative to hiking Mount Rinjani, with an altitude of 1,700m above sea level and Sembalun village located at an altitude of 1,100m above sea level. So you must conquer an altitude of about 600m.

The hike up is around 4 hours – it will take you some effort to get up the hill, and some parts are inclined at 70 degrees.

So it is recommended that you camp overnight, taking the opportunity to catch the magnificent sunrise behind Rinjani.


Venture to Lombok’s best secluded beaches

If you know about Lombok, you know about its beaches. You’ve probably heard of Pink Beach (yes, it has pink sand), Senggigi Beach (home to a number of the resorts), and Kuta Beach (where cows roam free), but those popular beaches aren’t all Lombok has to offer.

Here’s an insider tip – check out these hidden off-the-beaten-path beaches that only the locals know about. They are absolutely pristine and they are so quiet, you’ll almost feel that they are private for you and your loved ones! Curious?  Let’s introduce some:


5. Brave it at Villa Hantu, Setangi Beach

Setangi Beach looks like a dream paradise, especially from the right vantage point. The coastline comprises of fields of coconut palms leading up to soft sand and secluded seas.

Photo credits:  Dtriad7, Eknovita

The beach here appears untouched; rarely will you see another person around as you take a stroll along the water’s edge. Though it has many names (Setangi, Telu and Tiga Beach), everyone agrees that it’s simply dazzling here.


6. Egypt Pyramids in the sea – Semeti Beach

Photo credit: Abu Ihsan al Atsary

Rather than on Planet Earth, you will feel like you are on Planet Krypton.  Semeti Beach has rocks that are shaped like pyramids and stand firmly in the middle of the ocean.  The many stones here resemble the crystal box in Planet Krypton where Superman was born, hence Semeti Beach is also nicknamed Krypton Beach.

The path is extremely rocky and rough, so be sure to wear covered, anti-slip shoes, as you might need to climb rocks as high as 20m to get to the other side.


 7. Tears of Angel – Tanjung Poki

Don’t be swept away by the scenic tremendous waves – literally.

While being enraptured by this natural beauty, do remain careful and vigilant and not be hit by the treacherous waves. Waves at this spot are very huge and ferocious which create a blowhole effect. The waves can reach the height of tsunamis above 10m!

Photo credit: Loetfi

The huge waves make it unsuitable for swimming, but you can fish here. This is a popular location for the local fishing fanatics, and they actually have weekly competitions.

There are other cliff rocks around the beach which provide numerous photo opportunities.


8. Waterfall of the Sea – Nambung Beach

Salty Niagara waterfall – this unique waterfall phenomenon is created by large waves crashing against the cliff rocks and falling like a waterfall.

Photo credit: Twitter-LL_Herry

The best picture is when you are actually under the cliff, so be prepared to walk through the large waves with waterproof bags. You have to bring your own surfing equipment to ride the waves, and the crystal-clear water also makes it lovely to swim.


9. Grand Canyon of the East – Pantai Tebing

There are parts of the Earth which seem other-worldly; Pantai Tebing is one of them.

This unique rock formation was due to the eruption of Samalas/Gunung Rinjani Tua in 1257. Hot clouds of sediment containing fragments of coral from the resulting tsunami were deposited here.

Photo credit: Ndragrizzlly

It is an extraordinary borough unmatched by its surrounding – a fascinating beauty.  This reminds us of the Grand Canyon and is definitely on the must-visit list!

For brave souls who want to attempt to rock climb the cliff, the limestone and rocks can be loose, so please do take extra precautions!


10. Batu Payung in Tanjung Aan

Batu Payung or the Umbrella Stone; it is impossible to ignore its existence but that is what makes it beguiling. This solitary rock stands out like a sore thumb.  The façade of this stone changes at different angles at varied times of the day, and sometimes it may appear like a human face.

Photo credit: Agusm123

This stone is located approximately 1 km east of Tanjung Aan Beach. The walk to the Umbrella Stone along Tanjung Aan delivers incredible views of the hills which are inhabited by birds and bats.


11. The forgotten heaven – Tanjung Bloam

Photo credit: Herman Morrison

This natural beauty of cliffs and flanking rock stones, which stretch beyond the coastline, makes it exotic. It has a stunning view of contrasting black rock with the golden cliff against the clear blue waters.

Tanjung Bloam, which is not easy to reach, offers challenging waves for surfing and swimming.

Be prepared with waterproofing for your personal belongings and wear sturdy shoes, as the rocky path leading to the cliff is slippery and wet.

There is also a Turtle Conservation area, so you might spot turtles on the beach or get to swim alongside them!


12. Fantasy made real – Pink Beach

Yes you read it right – pink beach.  Outlandish, picturesque Pink Beach that looks like it are straight out of a fantasy movie. The pink sand is a result of the tiny red organisms that grow on the dead coral reefs.

Photo credit: Sisca subakti

The best time to go is before 8 a.m. and after 4 p.m. when the sand catches the sunrays, presenting a nature fascia of grandeur.

The condition of the road can make the trip challenging. If you don’t want a bumpy ride, you can rent a boat at the nearby village of Telong-Elong.

The area is still natural and undeveloped, so there are neither toilets nor shelters… and do bring your own meals, drinks and cutlery.


13. Boundless outlook into the ocean – TWA Gunung Tunak

Be electrified by the sweeping panoramic view of the infinite sea – by climbing this platform that resembles a power transmission tower.

Photo credit: Masarupy

This viewpoint is located in Taman Wisata Alam, Gunung Tunak Nature Park. The natural rock trail is about 3 km long and the lighthouse is right at the cliff-end. Strong wind makes the climb more stimulating and challenging.

There are two beaches there to explore – Bilasayaq Beach and Ujung Tanjung Beach. Bring plenty of water and snacks, as there are no food stalls around.


Discover majestic waterfalls

14. Torean’s Hidden Treasure: Penimbungan Waterfall Viewpoint

If you’ve planned your trek to Rinjani, you’ll want to add Penimbungan Waterfall Viewpoint to your itinerary.  Though the summit of Rinjani at sunrise is the ultimate goal of your hike, the view of the waterfall from the Torean entrance almost rivals Rinjani’s beauty.

The pathway from Torean is literally the road less travelled as it can be compared to the entrances at Sembalun and Senaru on the way up to Rinajni. And don’t mention Penimbungan Waterfall; few tourists even know about the Torean entrance itself.

Photo credit:  Andybachtiar

After a two-hour trek from the Torean entrance, you’ll reach the viewpoint of the 75-metre-high waterfall. And as you set your eyes on the rush of cascading waters and the surrounding view, you’ll feel as though you’ve gone back in time.  You could even imagine a dinosaur passing through the jungle beneath you!


15. An art sculpture of nature – Mangku Sakti waterfall

A natural art sculpture out of an Antoni Gaudí collection, the gorge formation is impressive.

The natural erosion has carved a marble-like canyon where water gently meanders through.

The river runs down from Lake Segara Anak (Mt Rinjani), and the water is milky because of the sulphur content and is believed to able to treat skin diseases.


16. Stunning water curtain – Benang Kelambu waterfall

Made up of six ‘falls’ through the trees, similar to water curtains – that’s how Benang Kelambu waterfall got its name.  This picturesque waterfall is located at the foot of Mount Rinjani, so you can get up close and personal by going behind the veil.

Photo credit: Fakruljamil

It is easily accessible from the carpark but well-hidden in the rice fields.  It’s a 500m walk to the waterfall, so do bring water and some snacks along. You can visit its twin waterfall, Benang Stokel, which is 1 km away.


Cozy up in unique stays in Lombok

Imagine staying in dome villas overlooking the sea, or in a luxurious over-sized tent for a extraordinary glamping experience. How about a hotel steeped in traditional heritage, where everything from room to restaurant to spa is decked and decorated with rich cultural influences?


17. Stay in a picturesque futuristic ‘Hobbiton’ at Mentigi Bay Dome Villas

On the cliff side overlooking the island’s big, blue bay sits this dreamy resort.

Photo credit: Malik Lomax

The moment you step in, you are instantaneously transported to a mythical land with unique architecture that looks like you’ve just stepped onto a Lord of the Rings movie set.

While these unusual dome-shaped villas may resemble chicken eggs, the interior is a luxurious space that allows you to enjoy the panoramic view of the natural scenery while you lie on your bed.

And you can even get connecting dome villas with your own private pool to soak in.

Can you imagine a better heaven on earth?


18. Live like ancient royalty immersed in traditional arts at Tugu Hotel

The Tugu Hotel chain has carved out a name for itself for being one of the most illustrious art hotels in Indonesia. In Bali, it’s one of the best affordable luxury stays that would whisk you back to ancient Indonesia.  The one in Lombok is no exception.

Inspired by the spirituality and the lavishness of the ancient Hindus of Majapahit, the architecture and decor of the hotel transports you back to the magical days of horse-and-carriage.

You’ll feel like royalty with the personalized touch in every aspect of the hotel.  Local artisans carefully curate every room, suite and villa. This means your experience in each room will be distinctly different!  Even the hotel’s spa lounge is designed to resemble a Hindu temple, to reflect the spiritual bliss and tranquillity here.

So do take some time to appreciate the intricacies of your living space – it’s literally a work of art.


Try a unique dining experience with lotus pond dining.



Go island hopping: Experience the Gili Islands around Lombok

Lombok is not just about rugged landscape and beautiful beaches. If you wander slightly offshore, you’ll discover that the main island is surrounded by many smaller islands, also known as ‘Gili’, where you can find crystal-clear waters and soft white-sand beaches.

The most well-known islands are without a doubt Trawangan, Air and Meno.

Gili Trawangan (also known as ‘Gili T’) is where you’ll find the best parties. Think magic mushrooms, beers on the beach, parties on boats, in bars and clubs. When you travel to Trawangan you can expect bikinis and board shorts, and drinking and partying all day long.

Then there’s the more relaxed Gili Air. With the music, atmosphere, and overall attitude of Gili Air, you’ll experience a hippy vibe. On the island’s east side, you can still find a fair number of bars, but nightlife here is tame compared to Trawangan. Beyond the bars, you can rent bikes, go snorkelling, and enjoy the slow pace of island-life on Gili Air.

Gili Meno, the smallest of the three islands, has gained the reputation of being the ‘honeymoon island’ for its pristine beaches, serene ambience and intimate feel. There are fewer restaurants, bars, and resorts here, so you’ll have more privacy out on the white-sand beaches. But the best feature of Meno might just be the astounding dive sites around the island.

Read more about Gili Islands: Gili Islands: 12 Things to Do.


19. Swing across the sunset at Ombak Sunset and Ombak Paradise

Hotel Ombak has two beautiful hotels on two of the Gili Islands.

On Trawangan, you’ll find Hotel Ombak Sunset where you’ll find the acclaimed Instagram destination – Datu Sunset Swing. If you’ve seen photos of Gili Trawangan, you’ll likely have seen the well-known Sunset Swing. A few steps from the shoreline, you can sway over the sea with a loved one while watching the sunset.

Photo credit: Ombaksunset


Jumping over to Gili Air, there is Hotel Ombak Paradise. Here you have a nest swing that’s currently rising in Instagram popularity. As a guest at Hotel Ombak Paradise, you can effortlessly walk from the beach into the life-size nest and gently rock along with the waves.

Photo credit: Candicelingli


20. Set sail on a glass-bottomed kayak at this lagoon-access resort – Gili Air Lagoon Resort

If you’re looking to make your experience on Gili Air a special one, Gili Air Lagoon Resort fits the bill perfectly.

This resort’s compound is uniquely shaped like a circle, with little wooden cabins surrounding a clear blue lagoon. Those who are not fans of saltwater will love jumping into the cool pool right from your room.

You’ll even be able to get up close to the sea on the resort’s special glass-bottomed kayaks. It’s exactly as its name describes, the kayak has a transparent bottom so you can peer through and conveniently explore the ocean from above!

Photo credit: Giliairlagoon

You won’t even have to get yourself completely wet – unless you’re terrible at rowing, but we have more faith in you than that.


21. Dive and explore the artistic underwater world of Nest

Keen to visit a new underwater sculpture in the ocean?

Designed by the illustrious artist Jason deCaires Taylor, the eco-friendly project, Nest, is a 48-piece underwater sculpture of human figures lying down and standing up in an embrace. If you can believe it, the human statues that now inhabit the Meno seabed were sculpted with casts of real human bodies!

Photo credit: Elinjnilsson

The message of this display? Sustainability. The artwork was created to help restore and rebalance marine life and encourage local business and tourism. A year from its installation, sea sponges and corals are expected to form a reef where sea creatures can live, so keep an eye out in 2018!

If you dive, this is definitely a spot you can’t miss! There’s no entrance fee, so come and experience the delicate natural environment beneath the sea.


22. Sail away to an almost-private island: Gili Kedis

If you’ve explored the three main Gili Islands and think that’s all to island-hopping around Lombok, you’re wrong!

There’s many more exotic islands with lovely crystal-clear waters and white, sandy shores; one of which is Gili Kedis, an island so quiet it will almost feel like you’re on a private island!

Photo credit:  Tubagusedo

A lesser known island, Gili Kedis is located south of Mataram, just a quick boat ride from Lombok. Though Gili Kedis is small (you can circle the island on foot in about 10 minutes), it’s well worth the visit.

As you alight from the boat at Kedis, you’ll be stepping onto a gorgeous soft-sand beach that spans the island’s edge, and because very few tourists know about this gili, you may even have the whole island to yourself!

You can sunbathe or swim out and snorkel around the remarkably colourful coral reefs surrounding the island and explore the rich marine life!

Gili Kedis isn’t the only underrated island around Lombok; in fact, there are several more. Instead of heading to the usual Trawangan, Meno, or Air, consider island-hopping around the lesser known gilis such as Gili Nanggu, Sudak, and Kedis.


23. Out of a movie set – Bangkang Cave

Doesn’t this look like a cave straight out of an Indiana Jones movie?

Photo credit: Agusm123

This hundred-years-old cave is located in a local village that remains unexplored by tourists. Treasures have been looted and long gone, but do have your fisheye or wide-angle lens to capture precious photos!

This cave is also home to thousands of bats.  The best time to visit is before sunset, to witness the thousands of bats leaving their nests and flying out of the cave at dusk – it’s spectacular!


24. Climb the fiery active volcano to the best view in Indonesia – Mount Rinjani

Everyone should have this on his or her bucket list – climb an active volcano.  Volcano Rinjani is one of those heavy smokers that just won’t quit, but is also trying to be at its greenest.

This mighty volcano has an extraordinary panoramic view that makes it one of the greatest volcanological attractions of the world.

Standing at 3,726m, the second highest mountain in Indonesia, the 3-day-2-night trek to the summit is not a walk in the park. Loose lava rocks, sand and high altitude will require good physical fitness to make it an enjoyable trek.  Despite the challenging climb, the magnificent summit view is all worth every drop of sweat and every aching muscle!

Check out some Rinjani travel tips from us.


25. The cauldron of miracles – Aik Kalak Hot spring

Cure all your illnesses and soreness without medication here – that’s what the locals believe.

Photo credit: Beckorastagang

This hot spring is blessed by the local Hindu community and is believed to have an enigmatic healing power.  Located at the crater lake of Segara Anak within Mount Rinjani, it takes one day to trek to this hot spring.

Myth or fact, diving into the warm water is revitalizing enough to wash away all the fatigue from a full-day hike! Located merely 200m from the camp site, the therapeutic waters are a popular place for hikers to pamper their sore feet.

While we hikers are asleep during a full moon, locals perform rituals and bless the blades of their kris (traditional daggers) in the sacred waters and hot springs of the caldera lake.


26. Return to innocence – Lake Segara Anak

Segara Anak (Child of the Sea) Lake holds various mysteries and invisible power.  Foretell your future in this lake.  There’s a local myth that if the lake looks wide to you it is a sign you will live to an old age; or if the lake seems narrow it is a sign of a short life.  C’mon, give it a try – what do you see?

No matter what, just sitting beside this serene jade-green lake and warming yourself with a drink after your hike will make all your worries fade away.

Segara Anak is a crater lake contained at the west of Mount Rinjani. An 8-to-10-hour trek will take you to the lake at 2,000m elevation.  And here’s the surprise bonus – there’s actually another volcano within Mount Rinjani.  Gunung Samalas, the former twin peak of Mount Rinjani, was destroyed after the explosion in 1257, but remains dormant in the middle of Segara Anak.


27. Travel thousands of years back in time – Bayan Sasak

Time travel is possible right here in Lombok.  Sasak Village is still home to the indigenous people of Lombok, who have been living the same way since 5000 BC.

Photo credit: Tikprive, Antha_hariyadi

Villagers have continued to live in their old traditions despite modernization all around. The most ancient village, Bayan Village, can be found at the foot of Rinjani. Rinjani Lodge is located 1 km away from it, so you can be become neighbours for a short while.

Mud and cow-dung plaster hold up the distinctive traditional huts, which are actually rice barns built solely using natural resources, a craft developed since the 17th Century.

Be respectful when visiting their compound – it’s their private property.

Alternatively, Sade Village, located in Kuta, is more welcoming to tourists. You can get to meet and greet the Sasak people and peep into their way of life. Traditional handicrafts woven by the women are also available for sale.


28. Celebrate the legendary story at Bau Nyale Festival

A 16th Century tradition celebrates the legend of ‘Princess Mandalika’, the daughter of King Tonjang Baru, ruler of a prosperous kingdom in South Lombok.

Photo credit: Novit_dwikristianto, Ainun_inkghost

According to the legend, many princes from different kingdoms wanted to marry the princess, and this resulted in strife amongst them. To prevent further discord, the princess decided give herself to everyone rather than to just one person by jumping in the sea. When people tried to save her, their fingers got entangled with Nyale worms, which they assumed were her hair, hence Bau Nyale (which means ‘to catch worms’) is the name given to this festival.

The annual celebration occurs between February and March, mainly on Seger Beach but extends to Kaliantan and Kuta as well.

During the event, festivities include catching worms, giving souvenirs to your loved ones and singing folk songs. You can also catch theatrical dance and music drama that tells the legendary tale behind this festival.


29. Learn traditional weaving at Sukarara Village

Tired of the white sand beaches and other natural attractions in Lombok? How about getting up close and personal with the island’s traditional culture and heritage?

At Sukarara Village, one of the few villages left on Lombok, you can learn the traditional craft of “songket” (weaving) first hand from the locals themselves.

Photo credit:  Bintarimutiara, Maswisnukusumawardana

Continuing the tradition of their ancestors, the village women are taught at a young age to weave colourful and beautifully-patterned fabric. If you take a closer look, you will notice the traditional Sukarara motifs, such as the gecko, intertwined in the yarn.

And when you visit, you, too, can step up to the loom and try your hand at the traditional weaving techniques.


30. Dare a traditional Sasaknese massage at Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp

If you love massages, especially in Indonesia, you need to seriously consider the island’s exotic and traditional Sasak massage.

We don’t want to scare you, but these massages are intense!  You may have to endure some intense massage strokes, but the payoff is definitely worth it when your tense muscles are unknotted and you feel much lighter.

One of the best places to get a traditional Sasaknese massage is at Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp, at their Jeevinaya Massage Beruga Spa, which offers the Ngurut Sasak Sasaknese Lombok Massage.

The Beach Camp itself is located in the heart of a 55-hectare nature forest reserve, so it’s the perfect spot to escape for a tranquil retreat.

Built from wood, bamboo and alang alang, the villas (Beruga Pantai) were inspired by the indigenous Sasak fishing villages.  But the interiors are decked in modern and comfortable homeware and decor.

Photo credit: Dwiayunovalinaa

As the Beach Camp is perched on a sand dune that overlooks a private beach, you can even get an unobstructed view of the sea right from your room!


Dine at restaurants where you can bask in a magnificent view

Love dining with a view?  Whether you’re on holiday with family, friends, your significant other, or even by yourself, it’s hard to beat an evening overlooking the ocean with a scrumptious plate of food.

Around Lombok, you’ll find some restaurants serving delectable cuisine accompanied by extraordinary views.  So to save you from having to do the extra research, we’ve narrowed down the three best seascape restaurants!


31. An energizing start at the top of a hill: Ashtari Lounge and Kitchen

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  Start your day right with homemade granola, fresh fruit salad and delicious fruit juice.  What better way to start your day with an energizing hilltop breakfast, watching the sun as it rises?

The menu at Ashtari Lounge covers curries and pasta, vegetarian options, and everything else – you’ll be spoiled for choice!  If you have a sweet tooth, the dark chocolate cake with coconut cream is sinfully decadent.

Feel like doing a little cooking yourself?  Try the “sweet and spicy” cooking class!  You’ll get to pick fresh herbs from the restaurant’s own garden and use them in your dishes.


There are also five daily yoga classes, running throughout the day from 7am to 6pm, if you feel like squeezing a little bit of Zen into your day!

Photo credit: Marina Ionin

And as the sun goes down, plonk down in comfy beanbags, or at cosy little tables, and soak up the sunset with a cocktail in hand.


32. Royal dining atop Batur Layar hill: Libra Café Resto n Villa

You’ll find a good variety of villas on Batur Layar Hill.  But not all villas are created equal.  At the top of the hill, you’ll find Villa Libra, which has its own cafe.

Photo credit: Sadri dri

The trek to the top of the hill is definitely worth both the culinary experience and the view that awaits you.  Spread below are lush green trees and the white sands of Senggigi beach – everything that a hungry and tired traveller needs in a view!

The romantic bridge over the pool is an amazing photo spot – with the tree canopies and orange skies at dusk, you can’t ask for a better natural backdrop!


 33. A hidden dining paradise: Artati Lombok Bungalow and Restaurant

Looking for a real secret hideaway or a hidden gem?  Artati Lombok Bungalow and Restaurant offers a quiet and relaxing dinner experience paired with a beautiful view and friendly service.

Photo credit: Awen Tjiang

Nestled amongst emerald green hills and overlooking Selong Belanak Bay (a famous spot for surfing enthusiasts), this culinary paradise is only an hour’s drive from Mataram City.

A wide selection of meal options means there’s something for everyone at Artati; not only Indonesian dishes but Western meals are also offered on the menu. There are endless options with maximum affordability, if you happen to be on a budget!

Don’t want to leave? We wouldn’t blame you!  Bask in stunning ocean views in affordable luxury beachfront villas.  You can spend a night in the bungalow and take in the sunset before you head to bed, and wake up to the soothing view of the sun rising over the vast blue ocean at dawn.


34. A Tropical Oasis: Katamaran Resort

If you’re after accommodation fit for royalty, we’re confident you’ll love Katamaran Resort.

Though it’s located in the heart of Senggigi, this resort is by no means crowded. A quiet spot in a world of its own, Katamaran offers breath-taking ocean views the moment you step out of your private villa.

Good news for beachcombers – the sand is only steps away from your doorstep, so it’s easy to answer the call of the ocean!

Should you tire of the white sand and crystal-clear waters, feel free to spend a day at the hotel Soul Bliss Spa or by the poolside, basking on a recliner at the huge above-ground glass infinity pool.

If you want to stretch your legs a bit, a taxi to central Senggigi costs less than USD2 for a day of shopping and exploration.

Return in the evening, when the two resort restaurants are also perfectly set up to provide ocean views, making dinner and drinks while watching the sunset unforgettable!


35. Sunrise Yoga by the Sea: Qunci Villas Hotel

Are you ready for Happy Hour? Or Happy Week, rather, since you’ll be all smiles for the entire length of your stay at Qunci Villas Hotel.

Amongst its three swimming pools and a truly happy Happy Hour from 5pm to 7pm with an extensive cocktail menu, who wouldn’t be happy?

Sip a frosty margarita or a sweet, tropical piña colada as you lounge on the deck chairs only metres from the ocean’s edge.  If you start to get a little warm, enjoy a dip in one of the pools or the warm salty waters of Lombok!

Photo credit: Golden_heart

If you’re not in the mood for a swim, feel free to take advantage of the Qamboja Health Spa for a massage or a mani-pedi, or even the early morning yoga classes (with an amazing view of the sea!) that are offered right within the hotel premises.


Affordable hotels with a view of Rinjani

So maybe you don’t want to climb Mount Rinjani, we understand.

Would you prefer to admire Rinjani from the bottom of the volcano rather than the summit? If so, a hotel in Sembalun Village is what you need. This village is located at the base of Rinjani, and boasts of a beautiful and tranquil countryside.

Even if you are planning to trek up Rinjani or heading back from your hike, Sembalun is a convenient location for you to rest up. And what can be better than a stay with such a majestic view?


36. Among the hills and the volcano at Nuansa Rinjani

Although former guests have warned that the road up to Nuansa Rinjani might be a little confusing, the views make up for any inconvenience.

Photo credit: Ellabeautysari23

Nuansa Rinjani is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing environment in the mountains.

The hotel is located on a farm in Sembalun Village, where you will be blessed with majestic views of the surrounding hills. Take a walk through the garden – you may find ripe-red strawberries and other carefully cultivated produce.

Who knows, with such a view of Rinjani here, you might even be motivated to hike the nearby Mount Pergasingan to watch the sunrise over the volcano – a spectacular sight!


37. Swim up to the looming volcano at Rudi’s Villa

Located in the cool mountain village of Sembalun is Rudi’s Villa, which offers a selection of accommodation options – you can find everything from a bed in a dorm to a private bungalow.

What can be better than enjoying a morning dip in the pool, where you can gaze at the majestic unobstructed view of Mount Rinjani right in front of you?

Photo credit: Nikkodianpurnama

This is the perfect place to get some rest, especially if you are returning from a Rinjani trek!

If Bali is an international superstar, Lombok is a shooting star you won’t want to miss!


This article was culled from TripCanvas.


Banner photo source: Ohfact!


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