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Leading summer destinations in Asia in the island of Lombok guarantee plenty of water and a variety of fun water activities. Pristine beaches, majestic waterfalls, and exotic dive sites are staple attractions while snorkelling, scuba diving, and swimming are the most popular activities. In Lombok, ancient settlers did something more for people to enjoy the water; they constructed the magnificent Narmada Water Park, also known as Taman Narmada.


Constructed by King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Asem in 1727, Taman Narmada is a replica of Mount Rinjani’s summit and the crater lake on top of this looming mountain, which is actually an active volcano. Mount Rinjani is the island’s most important natural treasure. Apparently, the king could not regularly perform his pilgrimage on top of this huge mountain, since Mount Rinjani is 3,726-meter high. Until today, modern mountain climbers find it quite a challenge to scale Rinjani. This is primarily why the king built Taman Narmada, about 11 kilometres away to the east of Mataram. Inside the park, he constructed the Segara Anakan to represent the mountain and a pool to represent the lake. It is said that the king spent plenty of time in Narmada’s beautiful garden to relax and to worship the Hindu god, Lord Shiva. There is a natural spring by the pool that pilgrims believe to be the Fountain of Youth, with the power to prolong life if taken in faith and dedication to Lord Shiva.


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When in Lombok, Narmada Water Park is truly one of the places to see for its religious and historical significance, and simply for the intrigue and mysticism that surround this tourist attraction. Mataram is Lombok’s capital city, and from the city proper tourists normally just walk all the way to the water park or take the bemo (minivan), the most common form of transport.

Lombok is an island in southern Indonesia, east of Bali. These two lovely islands, Bali and Lombok, are the leading beach destinations in Indonesia. There are regular flights coming here every day from the other regions of the country and abroad. From Bali, one may take a ferry ride from Padang Bai to Mataram. Peak season is from May to August, which are the best months to visit Lombok. Admission fee to Taman Narmada is Rp 5,000.

Although less developed than Bali, there are many upscale hotels and many more budget accommodations in Lombok. The number of local and foreign tourists is steadily pouring in these past years and this island in the West Nusa Tungara province is ready to accept them. Most of the best hotels are located in Mataram and the tourist hub in Senggigi. Tourism in Lombok began late in the 1980s and is only picking up steam in early 2000. The island has had a tumultuous history characterized by political and religious instability as well as natural disasters, which include famine, volcanic eruption, and earthquakes. Today, people come for the island’s many natural attractions such as beaches, dive sites, coral reefs, waterfalls, forests, and mountains. Also very inviting is the local people’s culture and traditional way of life.

When in Narmada Water Park, other tourist destinations nearby are Tanjung Aan Beach, Kuta Beach, Bungin Island, Sukarare Village and Pottery Village.


By: Sarah Cruz


This article first appeared in Cush Travel blog.





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