Surabaya: 10 Best Cafes For Brunch

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Imagine sitting in a cozy cafe with your loved ones, having cup of coffee along with a stack of fluffy pancakes. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to start the day when you’re on a vacation in Surabaya?

A big city like Surabaya has lots of cafes for you to explore. From minimalistic cafes, to nature themed cafes, to more quirky and unique themed cafes. Keep reading  to find out our top 10 cafe picks for you to enjoy a cup of coffee.

1. Kudos Cafe

Location: Jl. Mayjen YonoSoewoyo Pakuwon Square AK 2 No. 3, Surabaya 60228

Opening Hours: 11.00 am – 7.00 pm

Contact: +62 31 99016791

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The architecture of the building where Kudos Cafe is located is absolutely stunning! The large glass windows, the one of a kind shaped building, the various plants that are carefully placed around the cafe makes Kudos Cafe so unique. Kudos Cafe has a variety of drinks you can choose from , from hot drinks to ice drinks, from caffeinated drinks to decaffeinated drinks. Have a cup of coffee, sit near the large windows and enjoy the view of Surabaya. Kudos Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Surabaya do expect a crowd during the weekends!

Must Try @ Kudos Cafe

Drinks – Red Velvet Drink (Recommended by customers), Affogato (Recommended by customers)

Food – NIL

2. Caturra Espresso

Location: Jl. Anjasmoro no. 32, Surabaya 602551 Indonesia

Opening Hours: 10.00 1m – 10.00 pm

Contact: +62 812 34127332

Caturra Espresso is a speciality coffee shop in the heart of Surabaya that serves well-brewed coffee by well-trained baristas and good quality food with the finest ingredients. At Caturra Espresso, they also have the option to enjoy your coffee by manual brewing, such as V60, French Press, Chemex, Cold Drip, with several beans to choose from. This allows you to customise your coffee specifically to your liking. Caturra Espresso also have both an outdoor and indoor area. You can choose to sit outside and  bask in the sun while enjoying a cup of ice coffee or sit inside and enjoy the smell of the robust coffee beans. Definitely a must visit if you’re in Surabaya!

Must try @ Caturra Espresso

Drinks – Chocobeer (Recommended by Caturra Espresso), Lestretto (Recommended by customers)

Food – Ox Tail on Aromatic Rice (Recommended by Caturra Espresso and customers)

3. Redback Speciality Coffee @ Graha Family

Location: Jl. Simpand Darmo Permai Selatan no. 11 Graha Family Blok K, Surabaya Indonesia

Opening Hours: 6.00 am – 10.00 pm

Contact: +62 31 7329206

tour mount bromo
tour mount bromo

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a picturesque view while drinking a cup of coffee? Redback Speciality Coffee gives you the best of both worlds. Compared to the metropolitan Surabaya, Redback Speciality coffee is located right outside a vast lush green golf field with a large man-made lake. This cafe is definitely the perfect place for you to take in some fresh air, unwind and relax while you are on a vacation in Surabaya. Many customers return to Redback Speciality Coffee for their buttery and flaky home-baked pastries and their aromatic cup of coffee. One of our personal favourite brunch spot!

Must Try @ Redback Speciality Coffee

Drinks – Smoothies (Recommended by customers), Cold Brew (Recommended by customers)

Food – Any of their sweet/savoury pastries (Recommended by Redback Speciality Coffee and customers)

4. Communal Coffee & Eatery

Location: Jln. Kertajaya Indah B no. 24, Surabaya 60116 Indonesia

Opening Hours: 9.00 am – 9..00 pm

Contact: +62 31 59455301

tour mount bromo
tour mount bromo

Communal Coffee & Eatery is a double storey cafe with a unique concept of Pop Garden. The cafe interior is mainly made up of recycled bricks and wood planks. Both the first and the second storey of the cafe gives off extremely different feels. The walls on the first storey is painted with murals, giving off a more quirky vibe while the walls of the second floor is decorated with greenery, giving off a natural and earthy ambience, Communal Coffee& eatery have tons of selection of food and drinks.They serve food from all over the world including local Indonesian delicacies, this allow you to completely immerse yourself in Surabaya’s culture while trying out local Indonesian food. Be sure to put this cafe in your itinerary while you are in Surabaya!

Must Try @ Communal Coffee & Eatery

Drinks – Ovo Cappucino (Recommended by Communal Coffee & Eatery)

Food – Any local Indonesian delicacies (Recommended by Communal Coffee & Eatery), Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta (Recommended by customers)

Dessert – Communal Sundae (Recommended by Communal Coffee & Eatery)

5. Thirty Three Brew

Location: Jl. Opak No. 45, Surabaya Indonesia

Opening Hours: 10.00 am – 8.00 pm

Contact: +62 31 99532288

tour mount bromo
tour mount bromo

Thirty Three Brew is a small and cozy cafe decked out with a modern industrial decorations. Thirty Three Brew makes an  honest and good cup of coffee. We can ensure that whether you get a cup of latte or cappuccino, it will be of high quality. They also have a range of coffee beans you can choose from, allowing you to experience the different flavours of the different coffee beans. At Thirty Three Brew, there is many instagramable spots throughout the cafe so be sure to snap a picture while you’re there for a cup of coffee!

Must Try @ Thirty Three Brew

Drinks – Kopi Bailey (Recommended by Thirty Three Brew) , Kopi Aren (Recommended by Thirty Three Brew)

Food – NIL

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