Our Pricing Reasons

We love to travel and want our customers to always experience the best too!  Thus, our tour operators are hand-picked for reliability, approachability and customer-centric mindset.  Furthermore, we have experienced the tours that we sell on our site; they are tried and tested to bring you the best!

To maximize your enjoyment on a holiday, we strike a balance between price, experience and overall quality of the tour. Our aim is to bring awesome holidays to the mass market; not the shoe-string budgetters nor ostentatious luxury travellers – we strike a happy compromise with good-value tours without letting up on quality.  We transfer all savings to you … for example, most places in Indonesia offer bulk discounts due to economies of scale, and so do we.   But we do not cut corners on safety nor quality.

If you want a fantastic encounter without the hassle of planning and worrying if it is going to turn out well, just book with us.

Our success is not just measured in dollars and cents; we are not interested to make too much money from each booking. We want to make prices reasonable to increase traffic to our destinations to help the local tour operators who do good work on the ground;  to boost the local industry and help these sincere and dedicated local partners grow.

We make it a point to display honest pricing through all our deals, including all extra charges and taxes so you’ll never have to worry about additional hidden costs. That is the net net net price.  And these prices are regularly updated to ensure that you get the best price available online and at your destination.

So, deliberate, but not for too long, to prevent surprises as prices fluctuate beyond our control in the travel industry.

Feel free to reach out to us at hello@tourmountbromo.com


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